The PD Playground #1 Baiboard


baiboard picThis is the first of our professional playground learning sessions.  This PD Playground is a collaborative virtual space and we are often collaborating with others in our physical workspaces.  In our Edmodo group, most of your expressed that you used iPads in your learning environment and you were interested in learning about collaborative tools first.  So we kick off our playdates with the app: Baiboard.  Recently, some of our science teachers at a middle school used Baiboard as a way to engage students and revive the semester exam review.  One of her students said, “This is more intense than dodgeball!”  Two students from her class shared a board with two students from another teacher’s class.  They would review science content and share answers to problems or define vocabulary on their groups page.  The teacher was so excited about using the app for this process she couldn’t wait to tell me all about it.  Additionally, we recently provided feedback on several professional development courses using a different Meet # or baiboard number for each course.  Everyone provided feedback, images, and other content from their own device.  These are just some of the ways this iPad and Mac App store app.  However, with web-sharing capabilities PC users can even view a shared baiboard.  Finally, if you don’t want someone to contribute on the whiteboard  you have shared, you can use Presentation mode. I really love this app and I look forward to hearing the many ways you can use the Baiboard app in your learning environment!


1.  iPad and Mac Store (whiteboard app)

2.  Join or Create a New meet (virtual meeting space)

3.  No account or sign up is needed

4.  Icons: Pen, text (typed), lines, call-out boxes, graphics, images- pdf, camera roll, or map, web-sharing, chatting


Tips for Use:

1.  Discuss expectations for using the board

2. Have students enter first name and communicate page boundaries (will they only be on one page will you divide the board in sections.

3.  Monitor students’ activity.

4.  Communicate what icons can be used or not used. (i.e. Will they be able to chat?)

5.  When necessary, set a time limit to help students stay focused on task.

Now, that you’ve learned a little about Baiboard, go to check out our tasks and activities in the Edmodo group.